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Helpful Hints & Best Practices


  • 15 Talks, 5 Meditations, and Worship every day is the core of a Cursillo weekend

  • Your weekend was great but its not here anymore.  All you have to sustain your growth in Christ is The 4Th day

  • Without living into the 4th day our cursillo weekend becomes a distant memory of a weekend spent away with other believers. 

  • Living the 4th Day Path events and Back to the mountain reemphasize to new pilgrims the importance of the 4th day

  • We have spent some time condensing and simplifying our Cursillo Library

Cursillo Ministry
Image by Federico Tasin


  • Review By Laws and Leadership Term Limits yearly

  • Review "WHY" of Cursillo

  • Clear , consistent, published  Group Reunion times and Ultreya times

  • Grand/Diocesan Wide Ultreyas

  • 4th day retreats/Listening Sessions

  • Embrace The Jesus Movement and The Way of Love

  • Open to New Ideas/ seek inter-generational participation

  • Sponsorship is really Mentorship


Episcopal Cursillo Leaders Workshop (ECLW)

The Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Committee have some new ways to present the ECLW information that makes it more accessible . 

Mission Grant Funds 

The Episcopal Cursillo Ministry committee has a Mission Fund to support the Diocese Cursillo activities. The use of the funds is approved if it supports Cursillo activities .  In the past we have helped with printing song book, provided scholarships to ECLW and The ECM Conference, and helped defray transportation expenses to support a Cursillo weekend or ECLW. 


The ECMC can provide consultants  to work with your Diocesan Cursillo team to help you strengthen or even restart your Diocesan Cursillo .

How to Apply for Grants

Download and complete the Assistance Request Form per instructions on the form


Resources from  Our 2023 Cursillo Conference

Revised Conference Agenda

SE Florida 4th Day  Renewal Efforts

Springfield 4th Day Mini Retreat

Rev. Dr Patricia Lyons Keynote Address Part1

Rev Dr Patricia Lyons Keynote Address Part 2 

How to Ortder The Devotional Booklet

Sponsor Certificate of Completion

Cursillo Sponsorship Handout

ECM Sponsorship Workshop slides

60 Cuyrsillo Ideas in 60 Minutes-Slides

  • Facebook

Summaries of Conference Forum are provided on our facebook page. Join the conversation and add your comments by clicking the facebook icon. 

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