Meet the Leadership


Meet The Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Committee

We,The Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Committee, support and resource Episcopal Cursillo Communities by inspiring both traditional Cursillo expressions and new ideas for Cursillo Ministry.  We believe that Cursillo is at its best when we were open, energetic, intergenerational and responsive to our local setting.


The Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Committee is made up of elected District representatives from 5 geographical districts. There are two elected reps from each of the 5 districts plus 5 at large reps on the committee. The committee is organized with an Executive Committee which consists of a President and Vice President a Secretary and the Treasurer as well as The Bishop Liaison and three sub committees. The sub committees is where the work of the committee is done. There is a sub committee for Leadership Development, one for Communications and one for Publications. 


Our committee offers the following:

  1. Vision for the future and continuity with the past

  2. Leadership and Fiscal accountability

  3. Promote the Ministry

  4. Relationship and connection between Diocesan Cursillo movements and The Episcopal Church

  5. Provide a sounding board for the Diocese communities and a voice for problems and solutions

  6. Resources : Supplies and Updated materials; Training a fellowship through ECLW and National Conferences; Communications through our web site and news and notes; Mission Funds, Bishop Liaison to the House of Bishops; A collection of best practices

Meet the Team


Deacon Nancy Behm

North Central Clergy 2018-2021 |Vice President 2018-2021


Jeannie Haas
President 2021-2022

South Central Laywoman (2017 - 2020 |President Elect 2019-2020| Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Committee Publications Subcommittee Chair, | Kansas/West Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Scotland, Honduras


Rob Richardson
President Elect

Southeast-Layperson 2019-2021)| Western North Carolina, East Tennessee, Maryland, Southern Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, East Carolina, Upper South Carolina and South Carolina


Bob Vaughn

North Central Layman 2019-2022


Roberta Coons

Roberta Coons South Central Layperson 2019-2022

Esther Bell


Editor 4th Day Magazine


Joe Welch


Coordinator of ECMC Veterans


Karen Weeks

NE At Large Lay representative



Valerie Cassis

NE Lay representative 2019-2020


Barbara MacKenzie

West-Lay representative at large (2019 – 2020) 


The Rev.  Bernie Pecarro

Southeast Clergy  2019-2022 |Alabama, Gulf Shores, Mississippi, Louisiana, West Tennessee, Kentucky, and Louisiana


The Rt. Rev. Martin "Bishop Marty" Field

Bishop Liaison

Episcopal Cursillo Committee – Treasurer



Nina Jo Moore

Episcopal Cursillo Leadership Workshop Coordinator