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PERMISSION TO COPY:  The Episcopal Cursillo Ministry holds copyrights on all printed and published Episcopal Cursillo Ministry materials.The Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Committee herein extends permission to Secretariats, Committees, teams and individuals within Episcopal Cursillo Ministry to make copies of materials provided through the Episcopal Cursillo Ministry website as needed for the functions of local Cursillo ministries. Under no circumstances may the materials copied under this permission be sold

Reunion and Rule of Life Cards

Rule of Life


Group Reunion Revised


Flow of the Three Day Weekend

Guidelines for
Table Leaders

Tri Fold About Cursillo


Provides an overview of the Episcopal Cursillo Weekend with suggestions for best practices and formats for the Three-Day and the Two-Day Weekends.

The Cursillo Path

Our Story-Past, Current and Future direction of our MInistry

Discusses the formation of successful Weekend Teams and their role in teaching and supporting the Cursillo Method.

Turning the 4th day in to a lifetime process of spiritual growth

Secretariat and Servant Community.

Group Reunion

Describes Group Reunion and how it supports the Fourth Day

Provides outlines and suggestions for 10 Lay Talks for a Cursillo Weekend.


Describes an Episcopal Cursillo Ultreya and explains how it supports the Fourth Day. Includes the Ultreya and the Floating Group Reunion formats.

Discusses the benefits of Spiritual Direction as part of Fourth Day and provides suggestions for having a successful experience.

Provides outlines and suggestions for the clergy talks and meditations.

Describes how the Cursillo Method is applied in the 4th day to sustain Spiritual growth and presents a format for a LV4D event

that helps clarify what should be part of a 4th Day discipline.

Organization Documents

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